Water Filling Machine

We provide water bottle filling equipment is a kind of equipment used for filling water or other liquids. It usually consists of one or more containers, filling pipes, filling heads, control systems and delivery systems.

Leading Water Filling Machine Manufacturer

We are a professional water filling machine manufacturer and factory. With advanced technology and equipment, we provide users with high-quality water filling equipment, water bottle filling equipment, automatic & semi automatic mineral water bottle filling machine, pure water filling equipment, etc,. whether it is the production of small water bottles or large-scale use, we can provide efficient, Precise and reliable complete water filling production line and water filling solutions.

Checkout More Mineral Water Bottling Machine for Sale

Capacity : 3000-15000BPH Bottle Sizes : 200ml - 2L Function :Washing Filling & capping for PET bottled water
Capacity : 2000 bags per Hour Bottle Sizes :250ml ~1000ml Function :sachet making and filling

3 in 1 Filling Machine for Mineral Water Filling Machine

  • Bottle Washing Machine
    The mineral water filling machine for sale adopts food-grade 304 stainless steel flushing head and water injection design, while saving more water, it can spray high-pressure water flow to the inner and outer surfaces of the bottle, effectively cleaning the impurities and dirt on the inner and outer surfaces of the bottle.
  • Filling Machine
    Our water filling machine consists of two parts, filling and metering. The filling part can fill the pre-measured liquid into the bottle, ensuring that the liquid capacity of each bottle is consistent. The metering part can adjust the filling volume of the liquid to meet the needs of bottles of different capacities.
  • Capping Machine
    With leading packaging equipment and technology, the speed of mineral water filling is accelerated, and the bottle cap is quickly pressed tightly to ensure that the bottle is sealed.

Advantages of Automatic Mineral Water Bottle Filling Machine

  • The production efficiency is improved, the filling, capping and labeling of mineral water bottles can be completed quickly, and the production cycle is shortened.
  • Reduced labor costs and reduced dependence on operators.
  • Precise liquid control ensures consistent fill quality from bottle to bottle.
  • Wide range of applications, suitable for other liquid tanks, such as juice, carbonated drinks, beer, etc. It can be applied to fruit juice filling machine, carbonated beverage filling machine, beer filling machine.

Whether it is small batch or large-scale production, the automatic mineral water bottle filling machine can meet the production needs, improve production efficiency and product quality.

Products Main Technical Parameter

Model 2012/12/1 CGF8-8-3 CGF16-12-6 CGF18-18-6 CGF24-24-8 CGF32-32-10
Capacity (500ml) 2000BPH 3000BPH 4000BPH 5000-7000 8000-12000 13000-15000
Suitable bottle shapes Plastic Round or Square
Bottle diameter(mm) 50-155
Bottle height (mm) 160-320
Compressor air 0.3-0.7Mpa
Filling type Normal Pressure Filling
Application Non-carbonated Water
Total power (KW) 4 4 4.4 5.2 6.6 7.6
Dimensions (m) / 1.8*1.5*2.3 2.1*1.7*2.3 2.5*1.9*2.5 3.2*2.5*2.5 3.8*2.8*2.5
Weight(kg) 2000 2500 2800 3200 4500 5000

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